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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blade: The Series

Let's face it, most vampire movies inhabit a space somewhere between kung fu movies and bad remakes of 1960's television series. I usually watch them at whatever speed the fastest of the fast-forward will permit, slowing only for the occasional pretty girl with fangs.

Blade: The Series is different, it's actually good. I'd enjoy watching it even if it didn't have two hotties with fangs - who are, by the way, stunning. Jill Wagner is someone I've written about earlier and my crush for her remains intact. This week she wore a hoodie and had her hair in a pony-tail while attacking her mom with her wonderful fangs. This is my kind of woman. The other vampiress is Jessica Gower, an icy beauty with full red lips and menacing demeanor.

I've posted a few choice scenes on youtube.com for your enjoyment. This first one includes Krista (Jill Wagner) getting used to her fangs. Here is Chase (Jesssica Gower) feeding Krista some animal blood. Finally, Krista uses her fangs for real, killing a man and sealing her vampirism for good. Each of these scenes are in slow-motion. You can see it in real speed on TV but in this way you may fully enjoy their beauty.

Bonus Material: For some, you may be unfortunate to not know the name Christy Turlington. After you reject all the over-hyped baggage that comes with the word supermodel, Christy remains. Her career is almost at the 30 year mark and if she continues to improve at her current rate her corporeal being will soon become pure energy, thus becoming the first goddess since about the time of Athena. OK, I got a little carried away but I think she's really pretty.

1. Christy as an evil Cover Girl (ca. 1988)
2. Defiant, topless and awesome.
3. Like Dracula's Daughter.
4. Smiley with pointy fangs.
5. With 4 breasts in her Calvin Klein underwear
6. With 4 breasts in a full length skirt and nice top.
7. With 4 breasts and 2 navels.
8. With mesmerizing eyes and fangs in June 2006.


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